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Product Description

Flying And Height Beyond The Blade

The ultra-thin, high-strength maraging C300 face and advanced hollow head structure deliver maximum muzzle velocity and carry. The undercut sole that increases the deflection of the face enables the high trajectory required for irons. By suppressing the vibration that occurs at impact, it creates a comfortable hitting feel and hitting sound.

Adopted ultra-thin and high-strength maraging C300 face. Due to the structure where the periphery is thinner than the center, it produces maximum flight distance without loss even on mis-hits

By applying a new undercut structure to the sole, stress at the bottom of the face is reduced at impact. The design maximizes the flexing effect of the face and makes it easy to lift the ball while flying.

long iron

3rd to 5th

Easy to catch with a lot of offset

middle iron

6th to 9th

Easy to control with "a little" offset

Shinzo Micromax Groove

The number of grooves has been increased for each club*,

improving the reproducibility of friction force and spin rate

*Added 5 grooves for the 7 iron (compared to the previous work)

Outstanding operability and tolerance even though it is a flying system

The offset is designed for each count, and the discerning head shape with blade-like operability. In addition to the highly hydrophobic finish, the micromax groove that creates the ideal frictional force suppresses flyers from the rough and rainy weather. With a wider sole than its predecessor and a high MOI head with weight distribution around it, it is also strong against miss hits.

Tolerance is improved by installing a high specific gravity weight. With the ultimate weight peripheral distribution, there is little blurring even at the time of a miss hit. Furthermore, by making the sole wider, it has the effect of preventing duffling and has evolved to make it easier to pick up the ball.

Optimize the angle, spacing and number of grooves for each count. Increases frictional force and achieves high reproducibility of spin amount in various situations. A practical flying iron that is not just for flying.

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